Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Say Something

And so it comes to this. The close of an entire chapter, and the start of a fresh new page. And whilst  you’ll convince yourself that resolutions can be made at any day, any time, there is always something more significant in the changing of a calendar year.

As you reflect on the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride that 2013 has been, I hope you remember this story still.

A clock ticked 12, you turned a page and wrote down your dreams.

I watched the intensity at which you wrote. Each heartfelt wish delicately wrapped in the curl of ‘j’s and ‘g’s, dotted in the ‘i’s and ceaseless in the infinities of the ‘s’s. You wrote in a chapter in the book of Life, and you dreamt.

And yes, there were times when you fell. The bruised heart, and the skinned knees may have hurt, but what is a canvas without a touch of red, the very colour of life. There were also the grey heavy clouds of unfulfilled desires, and wishes put on hold. But love, if anything at all, did you look back and see how things have turned out not the way you wanted them to, but the way they were always meant to be ? Life is not a book with a definite ending, it is chapter upon chapter of journeys, discoveries and hidden adventures.

May 2014 bring gifts tied up with the anticipation of the unknown and dreams made true by sheer determination to always look for silver linings. I know you have it in you to unwrap the surprises, and brave through the let-downs.

The clock ticked 12, turn the page and live your dreams.

Happy New Year.

" For last year's words belongs to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.. "
- T. S. Elliot

-       The Inner Voice