Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Game of Numbers

Ask a child what he or she wants to be when he grows up, and you’ll probably hear answers like “ Fireman ! “ , “ Policeman ! “ , “ Teacher ! “ , “ Doctor “, and the odd superhero thrown in here and there. If you look closely, these occupations deal with noble intentions of saving lives, passing knowledge, being an asset to society.

Unfortunately, as children grow up, they lose these notions , or innocence, if you may. Instead, what starts as a relentless pursuit of what is right, slowly turns into an endless pursuit of meaningless knowledge. A ceaseless paper chase, so to speak.

Look around you, and you see people trying to climb the rungs of a ladder that leads to infinity, some start to realize the listlessness of their efforts, but yet continue climbing up the ladder, perhaps they know not how to do anything else, or perhaps they’re forced up by the crowds pushing them from below.

We are a society bound by numbers, ranks, and figures.  Have you ever sat down, and truly thought about how incredibly sad it is that we measure success based on how someone else is doing better than you are ? And in doing so, we forget to look back at how far we ourselves have come. Is that what self worth has been whittled down to ?

Perhaps it’s time to let go of the rungs of that ladder. Who knows, you may learn that you have wings that already know how to fly. You’ve just been allowing the voices of someone else’s discontent drown out the flutter all this while.

A wise young girl once said, “ you may tell  me you can do a lot of things, you have top grades, you are a high achiever, you hit all your goals, but tell me instead, what have you done with those results, and achievements, numbers, ranks and figures you’ve amassed ? How many lives have you touched  ? How many people have you influenced? “, because, what use is talent, and knowledge, if it doesn’t have an appreciable impact on social good ?  

I think it is a question we should all struggle to answer ... 

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