Thursday, October 24, 2013


People will tell you you’re ‘unique’ like unique is synonymous to not being normal. They’ll tell you to think different, when all they’re really comfortable with is consistency. Soon, you’ll retreat inwards, and god forbid if you start changing to fit someone else’s shell.

Stay away from the naysayers, lest their short-sightedness transmit through your idle worries. Stay away too from the people who are too generous with their “let’s see”s , and “Buts” and “Maybes”. Instead, surround yourself with people whose motivation is infectious. The ones who say “ Bring it on “ and “Let’s get this ball rolling”. These are the ones who don’t see obstacles, instead they see oppurtinities, and dreams. And dreams.

Surround yourself with the dreamers, the misfits, the ones who are different, the ones who dare, the ones who do.

When your psyche becomes invincible to the appraisal of others, you will be too.

“ The only boundaries for me are those I place on myself. I can make my own dreams come true. “ – Shelly Wu

Purity, photo collaboration : Scenes de Rue 

- Inner Voice

Monday, October 14, 2013

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Sure, they’ll make you promises of standing by you in a storm and fighting the raging seas with you, but life is not always about wars and battles.

What you truly need is someone who’ll be the calm in your storms. That person who’ll tell you to be still when the world around you is spinning, this person will tell you that it’s alright to live in the moment, even when the moment consists of things you cannot control, well, especially then. Sometimes life sends hurricanes to knock you off your feet, even as those hurricanes zoom past as fast as they arrived. And then you’ll left in a state of confusion, and broken-down rubble. We all need a break from it all. We need to drift, to sway, and to throw caution to the wind. Essentially, you need to find someone who’ll slow dance with you in a burning room.

“ Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast " – William Shakespeare

Keeping up with the times, Photo Collaboration :

- Inner Voice

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Someone once told you to fight for the things worth fighting for. 

You know this law of physics. Everything that goes up, comes down again. And it’s the same rule that applies in everything. Life is a juggling game between success and failure, between new relationships and lost love. Between fragile friendships and sturdy bonds. Nothing is ever permanent, nothing is ever guaranteed. What matters is that you catch the ones that matter before they hit the ground and shatter.

Sometimes you’ll have friendships that are so wonderful, the world seems a better place. And sometimes, sometimes those shatter into a million pieces, so much so that when you finally piece those pieces back together, you no longer recognize the final picture. It doesn’t matter, love. Be grateful for the memories, for the seasons you had and the seasons you never will.

But if you have a friendship or a relationship worth fiighting for, the ball is in your court. For heaven’s sake. Fight. 

Watching Over You, Photo Collaboration : Scenes de Rue 

- Inner Voice