Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Look what they’ve done to my song

So I heard your day didn’t go as perfectly planned. Right now you’re probably beating yourself up over the things you failed to accomplish.

It was important,
it was life changing,
it was the cornerstone of a profound discovery.
But wait.

I hope you also think about all the things that did happen today. Start with the simple things. Start with the fact that you woke up not to the sound of bombs dropping and the wails of inequality. Move on to the fact that you breathe, taste, smell, see and hear how this day got to be. Build upon that foundation the fact that today you listened to someone’s troubles, you were compassionate when others were judgmental, and you soothed, not because you knew how to, but because you felt where it hurt.

The wars you fight are in your head, each negative thought a wall in the prison you put yourself in.  The limitations you have are not yours, every obstacle that stumbles you was put there by the limitations of someone else’s imagination. Not yours. Someone else’s. You might have to learn a thousand ways how not to do something, before you get the satisfaction of figuring it out. Just don’t get distracted by someone else’s “That’s impossible” and you’ll get there. When you lose hope, and the climb gets steeper, I hope you remember that the majority never did anything major, it was always the minority who made history. And when they try to pull you back down to their realities, I hope you see that you are the minority.

The you I know doesn’t stay down when hit with a hard blow. The you I know is not a quitter.  The you I know, is a friend, a listener, a human being with mortal fears, ups and downs. If you really need to accomplish something today, make peace with and learn to love that you again. 

" Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are " - Marilyn Monroe 

Photo Collaboration : Scenes De Rue 

- Inner Voice

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