Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Freedom Song

Broken shards, sharp edges glinting in the dark. There you go again, conjuring these thoughts you shouldn’t be near.  Defeat, disappointment, despair. All those words spell danger. Not for you, but for your ambition.

So you tried really hard today, and yet it slipped out of your grasp. Take heart, what you need is to put yourself out there. Yes,  now when the wounds are still raw, if anything, those are reminders that you really gave it your best. Now, before you start to talk yourself out of it. Yes, you’re going to expose more of yourself than you’d normally care to, but unless you lay yourself bare, you’re never going to find out how amazing it is to feel the wind take off with your ambitions as sails. When that happens, spread your arms and embrace it. Embrace the feel of freedom as it clothes you in its liberation.

When things go wrong, don’t go with them – Elvis Presley

- Inner Voice 

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