Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half of My Heart

The scent of powdery chalk and soft baby powder melding together on a slow Monday morning. He’s telling you about the wonders of the universe as he charts planets and suns and moons, but your mind is filled with thoughts of playtime and afternoon naps, and if there will be ice cream for dessert after dinner tonight. 

Sunscreen and salty sand. You close your eyes and let the sea breeze lull you to sleep as it kisses your sunkissed skin and gently ruffles your hair. The last thing you remember before falling asleep is the sea whispering its secrets in each rhythmic swoosh.  For a moment you’re in two worlds at once and it doesn’t really matter.

Mints and cookies with tea. Lazy afternoons where the hours seem to stretch long into the evening, oldies playing on the radio. A time when time itself was generous in its slow seconds.

Roast and hot chocolate chip cookies. Drawn towards the scent you find her at the stove, humming a melody to herself, she senses you and turns around “ How was your day sweetheart? “. Home, security and everything good.

Your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows are bound together by emotions and memories and scents. And scents.

“Smells, I think, may be the last thing on earth to die.” - Fern Schumer-Chapman

Photo Collaboration : Scenes de Rue 

- Inner Voice  


  1. Very pretty imagery Joanna... now I'm craving some cookies and languorous afternoons!

    1. Thank you Yi Wei. Go get 'em cookies, and relax with good company this weekend ;)